Adding Funds

You need to add funds before you start your first campaign. We accept PayPal, credit cards, checks, money orders and wire transfers. The minimum amount depends on your payment method. If you prefer alternative payment method, you can notify us and we will discuss the details. Please refer to “My account” section for the detailed information.

In order to add your funds you should perform the following steps:

•  Select “My account” tab from the main menu
•  Enter all necessary payment information if you wish to pay by credit card

If you prefer any other payment method:

•  Follow the “Other Pay Methods ” link
•  Select payment method from the list of methods
•  Make the appropriate payment
•  Return to Qualibid and follow the “Proceed to Payment Notification” link at the bottom of the page
•  Enter your payment details and hit “Submit” button

Your transaction will be verified and the funds will be added to your wallet.

Please note that you can access you wallet history by following the “Wallet History” link under “My Account” tab.