Ad Creation Guidelines

Before you create your first Qualibid ad, you should familiarize yourself with the following guidelines. Fell free to conact Qualibid support team for more info.

Ad Content

The title, description and shown URL of your ad as well as your keywords must correspond to the nature of the products and / or services promoted on your web site and should not be misleading. For example: if you are promoting a web site about insurance, you should not use a title “Find your soul-mate”. Likewise you should not use a keyword “dating” and other similar terms.

Illegal Content

You must not create ads leading surfers to the web sites with any of the following content:

  • Information or products that assists a person in breaking the law.
  • Call for violence, terrorism or hate speech.
  • Illegal adult content
  • Adware, spyware or malware

Please refer to Terms and Conditions for details.

Duplicate Content

You are not allowed to run two or more identical ads containing identical Ad Title, Ad Description or Shown URL and identical Keywords within the same geographic region, within the same time periods. You are not allowed running two or more ads with the same Click URL or leading to the same web page, directly or via redirect of any kind, containing identical Keywords within the same geographic region, within the same time periods. You may run identical ads containing identical Keywords within the same geographic region, given that these ads receive traffic from different traffic source IDs or within different time periods.

Shown URL

The domain in your ad’s shown URL must always match the domain in the landing page URL. If you cannot obey to this condition due to potential violation of third party terms, you are required to contact Qualibid support in order to discuss the issue.

Special Characters

The title and description of your ad must not contain more than six special symbols in addition to the symbols used for the punctuation purposes. Likewise, you should not overuse capital letters in the title, description and shown URL of your ad. Capital letters may only be used to emphasize important terms.

Example of allowed ad:

Get a FREE iphone!
### Appy NOW and get you chance to WIN a brand new iphone! ###

Example of disallowed ad:

—–|–% GET A FREE IPHONE %–|—–
<<<<<< Appy now and get you chance to win a brand new iphone >>>>>

Bid Amounts

All bid amounts that you assign to your keywords are fixed. Once you have added your keywords you should carefully review all your bid amounts and manually assign the most optimal bid to each of your keywords. Use “Check Bid” button located next to each keyword to find your ad among top ten ad positions. Check all your bids periodically to ensure optimal ad positions.

Match Types

Exact Match
Your ad is only shown when a search query exactly matches your keyword.

Keyword: “Buy car”
Search query: “Buy car”

Phrase Match
Your ad is shown when a search query contains your keyword along with other terms before or after your keyword.

Keyword: “Buy car”
Search query: “Buy car in LA”

Broad Match
Your ad is shown when a search query contains all elements of your keyword regardless of the elements order, along with any additional terms.

Keyword: “Buy car”
Search query: “Brand new car buy online”

Ad Rotation

If you wish to perform split testing, you are encouraged to use Ad Rotation. Once you enable this option, all active ads which contain identical keywords and countries (within the same campaign) will be randomly rotating. Ad Rotation will let you determine your top performing ad creatives, and landing pages and optimize your bidding strategy. Ad Rotation check box is located in your campaign settings.

Tracking Variables

If you wish to track your traffic sources and keywords you should add our tracking variables to your click URL.

  • Click ID: {clid}
  • Traffic Source: {saff}
  • Bidded keyword: {bkw}
  • Search keyword: {kw}

You may combine any or all variables. Keep in mind that some third party networks offer short click URL subID area, which will not allow you to use all our variables at once. In such cases you should only use {clid} as it includes all other variables.

URL example:{clid}_{saff}_{bkw}_{kw}

Click Sub ID example:
abc_123456789_12345_dating site_free dating site

{clid} will provide you with a unique numerical ID for every click you’ve purchased. You’ll be able to check a number of important parameters associated with your clicks using our Click ID Manager (For example: traffic source ID; referrer; search keyword, etc.) This tool will also allow you to incorporate click IDs that have resulted in conversions into your stats.

{saff} will provide you with the traffic source associated with your click. This data will help you to manage your traffic sources which will improve your conversion rates.

{bkw} and {kw} will show you your bidded and search keyword(s).

Keyword Variables

The bidded and search keyword variables can be also used to display search or bidded keyword(s) in lower, upper or title case within ad title, description and shown URL.

{bkw} dating site
{Bkw} Dating Site

{kw} free dating site
{Kw} Free Dating Site

For example: If your have the following ad:

Find the best {Bkw} online
Are you looking for {KW}? Look no more. We offer the most affordable and comprehensive packages.

And the following keyword “insurance” and someone is searching “cheap insurance”, your ad will look like:

Find the best Insurance online
Are you looking for CHEAP INSURANCE? Look no more. We offer the most affordable and comprehensive packages.

Negative Terms

You should ad negative terms if you think that it will help you refine your keyword targeting.
Your ad will not show for search queries containing these terms. For example: If you are bidding on the keyword “dating” with broad or phrase match, the negative term “free'” will prevent your ad from showing on the search query “free dating”. Negative terms always override keywords. If you have a keyword “buy car” with exact match, the negative term “buy” will prevent your ad from showing on the search query “buy car”.

Click here to get a list of adult terms. Copy these terms if you wish to block adult queries.

Display Time Periods

You may consider modifying bid values within different time periods if you think that it will improve your ad’s performance. Display time periods will affect all keyword bids within your ad. The default is 100%, which means that your ad will be displayed according to your original bids. You may alter the bids within specific time periods by editing bid percentage values. All time periods apply to the time zones of your targeted countries.

Morning 6 AM – Noon
Day Noon – 6 PM
Evening 6 PM – Midnight
Night Midnight – 6 AM

Note: the minimum acceptable bid for any keyword is $0.006. If your bid is $0.01, you may not set the percentage rate lower then 60%.

Run of Network

RON Mode allows you to maximize your ad’s exposure by acquiring all possible clicks within your targeted geographic region. Please contact Qualibid support in order to activate this mode.

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