Refund Policy Update

Dear Pay per Click advertisers: We have recently updated our Terms and Conditions. Here’s the updated section:

If the Advertiser is not satisfied with the quality of purchased clicks for any reason, he / she may submit a request for internal investigation within fifteen (15) days from the moment of receiving these clicks, given that the disputed traffic source has provided at least fifteen (15) clicks within the specified time period. All requests must be submitted via Qualibid ticket system only. The Advertiser must indicate traffic source ID and provide supporting material to help Qualibid to investigate the issue. If Qualibid determines that the reported traffic source has provided the advertiser with inadequate quality traffic, the advertiser’s internal account may be credited with the appropriate amount for the maximal period of fifteen (15) days (unless advertiser has a written agreement with Qualibid specifying other Refund Terms). Any refund is at Qualibid sole discretion and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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