Qualibid & CPA Marketing

Many Qualibid advertisers drive our traffic to their own web sites (online shops, blogs, forums and portals) but at the same time we notice that the increasing number of our partners start promoting third party offers. The popularity of CPA (Cost-Per-Action) marketing formula is based upon unlimited earning potential, thematic and geographic diversity, marketing flexibility and simplicity of technical implementation.

A successful CPA marketing campaign requires two key components:

  1. A reliable PPC advertising network providing you with high quality and affordable online traffic.
  2. A trusted CPA network featuring wide range of competitive offers.


Successful Pay-per-Click advertising on holidays

What is the best time to increase your sales? That’s right! It’s a holiday season time.On holidays people are most likely to purchase certain products or services. Many people are looking for promotions. For example, you are selling a sun block which is very demanded product during the summer time, specifically when people fly on vacation to spend some time on the beach. It’s extremely important for you to catch and use this opportunity. All you need is to slightly re-market your advertising campaigns.

Let’s say, you know your audience and want to create a special holiday campaign. Where should you start from? I recommend you following steps:  (more…)