Working with Multiple PPC Platforms

Upon choosing Pay-per-Click advertising solutions that best fit their needs, many advertisers notice that different PPC networks exchange feeds and agregate search results. Such agregation is a common industry practice but it causes the following dilemma: which PPC networs to choose and how to avoid having identical or very similar ads within the same search feed.

The question is: how to handle this situastion and avoid competiton with yourself while maximizing your ROI?

Let’s take a look at the following example: Nick places his ad in the network “A”. The network “A” provides its search feed to the network “B” and gets traffic from it. Nick comes across the network “B” and notices that his ad unit created in the network “A” also appears in the search feed of the network “B”. Nick creates a new ad in the network “B” which makes two identical ads appear within the same search results.

Qualibid is well known for generating quality traffic and some other PPC networks buy large volumes of traffic from it. While working with other PPC platforms, many advertisers discover Qualibid to be the innitial traffic source. They understand that they actually buy traffic generated by Qualibid but since they buy it via third parties, they pay significantly higher price simply because other networks add extra cost to the clicks they aquire from Qualibid.

Every adveretiser strives to maximize their ROI and get higher quality traffic that brings stable conversions while investing less. So how to achieve that and at the same time to avoid having identical ads within the same search results, thus competing with yourself?

Qualibid provides outstanding ratio in terms of traffic quality and cost per clcik. This results in particularly low Cost per Conversion. Qualibid has more stricks quality standards than most other networks that aquire traffic from it. Qualibid also provides internal refunds upon advertiser’s request and based on traffic quality investigations. All these factors make Qualibid a highly attractive alternatives to other PPC networks.

There are several ways to deal with this situation, which let advertiser avoid complications while improving their ROI and maximizing their coverage.

1. An advertiser can swith to Qualibid and disable their ad units with the PPC networks that aquire traffic from Qualibid. The disadvantage of this method is the fact that traffic volume may decrease. This potential problem however may be solved tby raising bids above first position.

2. While creating a new ad unit with Qualibid, an advertiser can use different keyword sets for each ad unit. In this case, the same ad unit will not appear twive within the same search results.

3. An advertiser can create different ad variations (use different title, sescription and display URL and direct surfers to a fifferent landing page). In this case there will be two completely different ads that will not compete, but rather compliment each other.