How to Increase Traffic Volume


Most Pay per Click advertisers who buy traffic from Qualibid Advertising Network are very happy with the traffic quality and conversion rates. Some of you however, may come across the situation when you need more traffic volume. There are several simple and efficient  ways to achieve that:

1. Add more keywords
OK, you’ve added your main keywords, but you can probably add more. Think about all potential users of your website. Imagine what they might be searching for and make up additional search queries. Just add as many secondary keywords as you can. You can definitely use third party keyword suggestion tools, which are widely available online. Take into consideration that your secondary keywords will most likely require smaller bid amounts.

2. Even more keywords
When people search online they often do mistakes. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this? Add plurals, misspelled keywords and other variations. For example, if you are using a key phrase “dating site”, you should also add “dating sites”“datingsite”“datingsites”“dateing site”, etc.

3. Test ad variations
Enable “ad rotation” option and try to experiment with different ad variations. This method will let you determine your top performing ad unit. Not only you’ll be able to find the most successful ad title, ad description and shown URL. You’ll also determine your strongest advertising strategy.

4. Check your bids frequently
Even if you set top bids for all your keywords it does not mean that your ad unit will be on top forever. Your competitors are also updating their bids, which means that you need to check your own bids as frequently as you can. (at least on a daily basis).

We hope that these simple methods will help! If you guys have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact Qualibid support team. We are always glad to hear from ya!