Create a Successful Advertising Campaign as easy as 1-2-3

New advertisers often ask us a very simple and straightforward question: How to optimize a campaign and get more traffic. Well, there are several very basic rules we suggest you to follow:

  1. Carefully select your keywords, countries and match types. Precise targeting is your key to success.
  2. Qualibid does not have a so called smart match, so you need to add as many relevant keyword variations as you can, including plural and misspelled words. You can use on-line misspell generator.
  3. Qualibid has fixed bids (no auto or max bids) which is why you need to to carefully review your bid amounts using our bid integrated checker and assign the most optimal bids to each of your keywords. There is a “Check Bid” button next to each bid item in your keywords list. Check all your bids periodically to ensure optimal ad position.
  4. Add negative terms to each of your ads. Using broad match along with a number of negative terms is the best approach.
  5. Use our conversion tracking mechanism. We offer three different tracking methods.
  6. Add tracking variables to your click URL. You’ll find detailed instructions once you create or edit your ad unit)
  7. Create several ad variations and perform a split testing using our ad rotation tool. It will let you determine your top performing ad creative, keywords, landing pages and bidding strategy.
  8. Did you know that you can set a bid of US$ 0.006 once you change the default bid rate within all your display time periods to 60%?
  9. Carefully analyse your stats and remove or modify bids for low performing keywords and block unwanted traffic sources.